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-==== - #4 Graphs ====+==== 4 Graphs ====
-User-defined graphs allow the creation of complex graphs. These graphs can be easily accessed via the menu item “Graphs”.+Custom (user definedgraphs allow the creation of complex graphs. 
 +These graphs, once configured, ​can be easily accessed via Monitoring->​Graphs. 
 +Configuration of custom graphs can be accessed by navigating to Configuration->​Templates or Configuration->​Hosts and clicking on //Graphs// link for corresponding template or host. 
 +<​note>​When creating a new graph, first item can be added from any template or host. Then, depending on the choice, further items can be added :  
 +1. if the first item was from a template, only from that template;\\  
 +2if the first item was from any host, from any host (but not from templates anymore)</​note>​