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21 Suffixes

It is possible to simplify Zabbix trigger expressions or item keys by using suffixes.

6.38 Standard multipliers

The following table summarises available standard multipliers in Zabbix frontend and server:

Till_1.8.2Additional in 1.8.2
ServerK (Kilo)
M (Mega)
G (Giga)
T (Tera)
FrontendK (Kilo)
M (Mega)
G (Giga)
T (Tera)
P (Peta)
E (Exa)
Z (Zetta)
Y (Yotta)

Since Zabbix version 1.8.2 the following time-related multipliers are available:

  • s - seconds; when used, works the same as raw value;
  • m - minutes;
  • h - hours;
  • d - days
  • w - weeks.

These are supported in trigger expression constants and function parameters, as well as in the internal item zabbix[queue,<from>,<to>] parameters.

6.40 Examples

These multipliers allow to write expressions that are easier to understand and maintain, for example the following expressions:


could be changed to: