13 Monitoring of IPMI devices

1 Goals

There are several goals of Zabbix IPMI monitoring:

  • Monitoring of health and availability of IPMI devices
  • Remote IPMI based management functions

Remote restart, shutdown, halt, and other commands can be executed either automatically or manually from Zabbix front-end.

2009/08/13 16:31

2 IPMI parameters

Zabbix IPMI monitoring works only for devices having IPMI support (HP iLO, Sun hardware, etc).

In order to use IPMI monitoring, a host must be configured to process IPMI commands. IPMI agent's IP address, port number, user name and password must be configured properly.

See configuration of hosts for more details.

2009/08/13 16:33

3 IPMI actions

Two types of actions can be defined:

  • automatic actions, which are executed automatically
  • IPMI scripts, can be executed manually from Zabbix GUI

See corresponding sections of the Manual for more details.

2009/08/13 16:34