Notas de la versión de Zabbix 1.3

El equipo Zabbix se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de Zabbix 1.3.

Zabbix es una solución de monitoreo distribuido de código abierto y de clase empresarial. Zabbix se publica bajo la GPL, por lo que es gratuito para uso comercial y no comercial. El texto completo de la licencia está disponible en

Este documento contiene las notas de lanzamiento de la versión de Zabbix 1.3. Descárgalo desde download.

Las siguientes secciones describen la versión en detalle y proporcionan información reciente u otra información que complementa la documentación principal.

Fixes and minor improvements

developed frontend installation wizard
added availability of template triggers changing directly on host
added availability of template items changing directly on host
developed multitemplate system
developed group permission system
added processing of distributed events
restructured code to add function process_event()
table ALARMS renamed to EVENTS
added automatic generation of database schemas
pinger will use unique temporary file name
developed SLA calculation periods
developed flexible update intervals for items
increased message size for alerts
fixed macros substitution for messages
improved 'perf_counter[*]' for WinXX
fixed stderr/stdout redirection during logrotation
fixed graphs in Oracle system
fixed trigger expressions with ':'
fixed 'Server info' screen components
fixed 'service_state[*]' for WinXX
fixed SQLs for PostgreSQL
fix for adding trigger expressions having sign '-'
fix for adding hosts names having character '-'
agent can be started as root, new parameter AllowRoot
fixed function max(#N)
do not show connector as ON if trigger disabled
fixed calculation of aggregate items under Oracle
added support of macro ITEM.NAME
fixed some assertions
fixed missing last symbol in vfs.file.regexp
fixed 'system.cpu.util[*]' for SunOS
added availability to using '$' sign for hosts and item keys
increased message size for alerts
fixed conflict with cookies of other products
added sorting by host in trigger status screen
added login/logout information into auditlog
fixed values viewing on overview screen
added support of "system.swap.
fixed sort order of hosts for trigger overview
added filter for disabled items and triggers replaced by localhost in agent
fixed calculation of sum(#N)
fixed temporary files deletion for WinXX agents
improved 'service_state[*]' allowed service name and display name
added error reporting of PostgreSQL for frontend
fixed sms sender
fixed buffer overflow while processing SNMP IP addresses
fixed agent's calculation of network statistics
fixed some compilation warnings
fixed "not equal" condition for hosts and host groups in actions
added support of macro TRIGGER.URL and TRIGGER.COMMENT
fixed dependences of item deletion
fixed Y axis value displaying for graphs
fixed warning displaying
added sorting by host in graph selection for screen element
fixed 'service_state[*]' for WinXX system
fixed processing of[]
fixed trigger function fuzzytime()
fixed graph displaying with period 1d - 2d8h
fixed hosts remembering for graphs
fixed processing of unit "uptime"
support of ListenIP for ZABBIX server
changed PostgreSQL last OID function to pg_last_oid()
fix for start time in graph navigation
minor fix for Spanish translation
fixed default config name for zabbix_agent
fixed swapped system CPU and nice CPU stats in ZABBIX agent
fixed processing of item calculated as delta speed per second
added Dutch translation
fixed processing of SNMP HEX and OCTET string values
fixed[] and system.swap.out[] under Linux 2.4
fixed occasional LIBSQLORA8-30002: Memory allocation error.
added support of macro {EVENT.ID}
support of environment variables for alert scripts:
added support of macro {TRIGGER.ID}
fixed calculation of nodata()
better processing of units 's', support for units 'uptime'
fixed problem when adding a graph under PostgreSQL
new algorithm for housekeeping same for all DB engines
fixed calculation of delta(#N)
always draw graphs for items having type "trapper"
added Swedish translation. Thanks to "yeager".
support of system.swap.size[,pfree] and system.swap.size[,pused]
better calculation of next check timestamp for active items
fixed situations when latest_alarm() may return wrong value
remove left spaces from script full path
fixed Most Busy trigger report for multi-item triggers
fixed possible security issues raised by debian security audit
changed all zabbix_log(lev, str) to zabbix_log(lev,"%s", str)
introduced secure strcat and strcpy: zbx_strlcat, zbx_strlcpy
better format for Queue report
fixed performance problem in Status of Triggers
history stats removed from Status of ZABBIX report
fixed assignment of default listen port for Win agent
changed return value for 'net.tcp.port[]' of Win agent
added images for postgres
fixed reversed icons on maps
fixed trigger description substitution in action comparison
fixed trigger description substitution in message subject and body
fixed storage and calculation of i64 values
added colour selection for trigger severity 'warning' and 'information'
fixed limitation of return value for 'net.if.*'
fixed limitation of return value for '*'
fixed limitation of return value for 'system.cpu.intr'
fixed autoregistration in oracle system
fixed support of PostgreSQL
improved macro variables substitution in message body/subject
fixed order of displaying log files
added support of 'pfree' and 'pused' for 'vfs.fs.size' of windows
added '<=' comporator for trigger severity of action conditions
fixed problem with escape characters in triggers
fixed 'system.cpu.util[*]' for Tru64
disabled exit code handling of UserParameter scripts
improved UserParameter substitution
improved definition of integer and float point types
fixed problem with ASN_IPADDRESS SNMP values
added action email action variable '{TRIGGER.SEVERITY}'
added Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks to Marcelo Honorio.
fixed history cleaning
fixed Unknown when selecting trigger severity Disaster in action form
fixed windows agent crashing with processing of 'system.cpu.util' key
fixed errors while adding a host to IT service
fixed warning in while displaying graphs
fixed warning in trigger selection popup
added spec file for ZABBIX agent. Thanks to Alexey Zilber.
fixed count of problems displaying for submaps
added support of macro {TRIGGER.COMMENT}
added ZABBIX agent for Win64 platforms.
fixed incorrect disabling of actions while deleting a trigger
improved sound notification of trigger status changing
added alternative startup scripts for Fedora Linux
fixed graphs drawing
fixed graph min value calculation
better pattern of distribution of item next checks to improve overall performance
fixed housekeeper, removal of historical and trend data
fixed caption of IT Services Availability Report

Notas de instalación y actualización


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Ver Procedimiento de actualización for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 1.3.

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