Notas de la versión de Zabbix 2.0.2

El equipo Zabbix se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de Zabbix 2.0.2.

Zabbix es una solución de monitoreo distribuido de código abierto y de clase empresarial. Zabbix se publica bajo la GPL, por lo que es gratuito para uso comercial y no comercial. El texto completo de la licencia está disponible en

Este documento contiene las notas de lanzamiento de la versión de Zabbix 2.0.2. Descárgalo desde download.

Las siguientes secciones describen la versión en detalle y proporcionan información reciente u otra información que complementa la documentación principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBXNEXT-1268 Add resource information (version, description etc.) to Windows binaries
ZBX-1357 Updated French, German, Japanese and Russian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
ZBX-4281 Separated links to hosts and templates for host groups on search page
ZBX-3003 Added support for suffixes in map label trigger expression macro function parameter

Corrección de errores

ZBX-5031 Fixed possible history syncer crash while processing JMX items
ZBX-4976 Fixed {HOST.CONN}, {HOST.IP) and {HOST.DNS} macro substitution for global scripts
ZBX-5349 Fixed graph prototypes being created with an incorrect flag
ZBX-5348 Fixed validation of itemid parameter for popup_bitem.php
ZBX-5311 Fixed error when delete proxy that is used by discovery rule
ZBX-5125 Allow unique index in hosts_groups in database upgrade scripts (1.8 -> 2.0)
ZBX-5125 Default discovery groupid in database upgrades scripts (1.8 -> 2.0)
ZBX-5267 Fixed error when delete single host group
ZBX-5319 Fixed incorrect calculation of action escalation steps delay
ZBX-5320 Fixed the default path to an agent configuration file in the default data
ZBX-4963 Fixed inherited trigger prototypes lacking certain data
ZBX-5273 Fixed the host configuration form when using SQLite
ZBX-5290 Fixed slow query in "Host status" dashboard widget for large setups
ZBX-5086 Fixed templated triggers losing those dependencies which were added additionally to host trigger when saving a host without making any changes
ZBX-5086 Fixed just one dependency added to host trigger when linking template with a trigger which has several dependencies
ZBX-5086 Improved template linkage circularity check; added more precise exception messages
ZBX-4317 Fixed inability to link templates with trigger dependency using mass update
ZBX-3053 Fixed trigger expression testing when an item key contains the "+" character
ZBX-2876 Fixed GUI messaging working in popups i.e. pages without menus
ZBX-4930 Improved translations for import error messages
ZBX-5253 Fixed color of disabled host link on search page
ZBX-5281 Fixed error when creating an item without delay_flex field specified
ZBX-3284 Fixed messages for discovery rule manipulations
ZBX-2586 Fixed localization of the date in the header on the trigger status page
ZBX-5070 Fixed SQL error on logout with HTTP authentication
ZBX-4741 Fixed authentication configuration page still using "profiles" table
ZBX-3637 Fixed "IT Services availability report" generating wrong weekly timing
ZBX-3637 Fixed notification report ignoring daylight saving time
ZBX-3782 Fixed {HOSTNAME} macro not working in map labels trigger expression macro
ZBXNEXT-1256 Changed partition discovery keys for Solaris and Linux example userparams, so that example file may be directly included
ZBX-5236 Fixed some map element rendering ignoring the "Problem display" map option
ZBX-5252 Fixed multiple level templated application inheritance
ZBX-2183 Fixed change column in latest data for items with 'unixtime' units
ZBX-2055 Added flexible intervals and time periods validation
ZBX-5045 Fixed audit error message when deleting global macros
ZBX-3387 Fixed incorrect frontend language shown as active in the user profile
ZBX-2046 Fixed paging when element count changes
ZBX-5060 Fixed inability to mass update host inventory mode
ZBX-4929 Optimized host group SQL queries
ZBX-5168 Added missing and fixed existing help_items as per documentation
ZBX-5218 Fixed generating of triggers without functions when editing a trigger prototype expression
ZBX-3001 Fixed media sorting in user profile
ZBX-5159 Fixed macro resolving in trigger description
ZBX-5144 Fixed PostgreSQL injection in the database configuration setup form
ZBX-5232 Fixed import of templated low level discoveries
ZBX-5232 Fixed errors when importing empty low level discoveries and items without applications
ZBX-2510 Clarified in the Zabbix sender manpage which parameters from the agent config file sender supports
ZBX-4007 Fixed using screen elements with resources from child nodes
ZBX-4007 Fixed not being able to add screens from a child node to a slideshow
ZBX-4007 Fixed undefined index when switching nodes in the screen selection pop up
ZBX-4007 Fixed node criteria being applied when passing the "screenitemids" parameter to screen.get
ZBX-4007 Fixed hostgroup.get returning the "graphid" property
ZBX-5108 Fixed permission check errors caused by empty user groups
ZBX-5208 Fixed updating interfaces via host.massupdate
ZBX-5208 Fixed main interface validation in hostinterface.massremove
ZBX-5208 Fixed host.update only accepting arrays of interfaces and not working with a single interface
ZBX-5237 Fixed event CSV export
ZBX-5179 Fixed filter layout on low resolution screens
ZBX-3853 Changed several message strings
ZBX-5213 Fixed usergroup.massupdate failing when updating only permissions or users
ZBX-5145 Fixed PostgreSQL error when inserting an audit record if the X_FORWARDED_FOR header value is too long
ZBX-5065 Fixed inability to delete a service with soft linked dependencies
ZBX-5065 Added circularity check for IT services
ZBX-2501 Fixed subnodes not opening when parent node is opened in IT services
ZBX-2506 Fixed ordering for dashboard filter; fixed multisort function
ZBX-5079 Fixed returning triggers and graphs with no permissions and incorrect counts for templates
ZBX-2854 Fixed table sorting icon positioning
ZBX-5107 Fixed ability to select entities more than once in popups

Notas de instalación y actualización


Ver Manual de Zabbix para conocer todos los detalles.


Ver Procedimiento de actualización for upgrade options and instructions. For version specific upgrade notes, see Upgrade notes for 2.0.2.

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