Notas de la versión de Zabbix 1.9.7

El equipo Zabbix se complace en anunciar la disponibilidad de Zabbix 1.9.7.

Zabbix es una solución de monitoreo distribuido de código abierto y de clase empresarial. Zabbix se publica bajo la GPL, por lo que es gratuito para uso comercial y no comercial. El texto completo de la licencia está disponible en

Este documento contiene las notas de lanzamiento de la versión de Zabbix 1.9.7. Descárgalo desde download.

Las siguientes secciones describen la versión en detalle y proporcionan información reciente u otra información que complementa la documentación principal.

New Features and Improvements

ZBX-1346 Add example user parameter to monitor mail queue length from mailq
ZBXNEXT-429 Make range select work in a more intuitive fashion
ZBXNEXT-910 Redesign Configuration->Maintenance
ZBX-4222 Added more clear labels 'Escalation period' and 'Default escalation period' in configuration of actions
ZBXNEXT-485 Improved simple checks key syntax as in other item keys
ZBXNEXT-916 Redesign Administration->Users, Users groups, User Profile
ZBXNEXT-951 Added possibility to calculate CPU load per processor: system.cpu.load[percpu,avgX]
ZBXNEXT-965 Added redirect to a special warning page when user browser is not supported by Zabbix
ZBX-4167 Updated requirements screen for frontend
ZBXNEXT-918 Redesign Administration->Media types
ZBXNEXT-915 Redesign Administration->Authentication
ZBXNEXT-966 Update jQuery to 1.6.4
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Slovak and Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators

Corrección de errores

ZBX-3892 Added support for low-level discovery template to action condition check
ZBX-4169 Fixed filter reset after timeline change in Monitoring->latest data->History of log item
ZBX-3753 Fixed possibility to remove host interface that is in use
ZBX-4238 Fixed resolving of discovery macros in 'Formula' field for calculated items, 'Executed script' for SSH and Telnet items and 'Additional parameters' for Database monitor items
ZBX-4153 Fixed links to acknowledge and returning back to requester page
ZBX-4174 Made database monitor items not require interface
ZBX-3881 Fixed delay being set to 0 when changing item type from trapper to agent in item update form
ZBX-4115 Added support for $(DESTDIR) for installing Zabbix Java proxy
ZBX-1020 Added support for --sysconfdir, changed default installation directories
ZBX-3912 Fixed popup object selection for IE
ZBX-4132 Fixed checkbox cookie work
ZBX-3635 Fixed situation when templated trigger can reference items from another template not linked to a host
ZBX-4107 Fixed map element configuration form layout
ZBX-4219 Replaced {HOSTNAME} by {HOST.NAME} in data.sql
ZBX-3540 Removed unused node properties: timezone, history keeping, trend keeping
ZBX-3275 Fixed deleting of master node, it shouldn't delete other nodes
ZBX-4209 Fixed warning in latest data when navigating from monitoring->hosts page
ZBX-4208 Fixed Brazilian Portuguese being reported as just Portuguese in locale code
ZBX-4151 Fixed timer crash due to heap memory corruption
ZBX-3755 Fixed latest values in cloned items
ZBX-3165 Fixed layout of item prototypes form
ZBX-3342 Fixed translation of graphs "Generated in x sec" stamps
ZBX-3926 Fixed "Hide/Show selected" filter in history of log items
ZBX-4119 Fixed items like simple check require agent interface on host, now any interface is enough
ZBX-3745 Fixed error message when link template with discovery rule to host that does not have needed interface
ZBX-3896 Fixed broken triggers after removed item that is used in trigger
ZBX-4106 Fixed layout of "Status of host triggers" screen element
ZBX-4061 Fixed errors when try to delete already deleted regular expression
ZBX-4058 Fixed working time updating in Administration->General->Working time
ZBX-4060 Fixed error when save map with link updated to connect new element
ZBX-4166 Fixed error in dashboard when configured to show unacknowledged only
ZBX-4003 Fixed error when try to use not existing host group as group for discovered hosts
ZBX-4165 Fixed failing insert into proxy_dhistory queries on the proxy side
ZBX-2882 Fixed wrong item vfs.file.cksum[/vmlinuz] for some templates
ZBX-3870 Fixed data deletion order in proxy configuration synchronization
ZBX-3707 Fixed possible empty action conditions
ZBX-4171 Fixed server crash in add_value_suffix() under DebugLevel=4
ZBX-3930 Fixed errors when return to some specific screens from profile screen
ZBX-3400 Fixed calculation of graph header font size, Zabbix will decrease it to fit graph width
ZBX-4105 Fixed removal of host groups in configuration of dashboard, thanks to Pustovalov Alexey
ZBX-3939 Fixed warning messages when looking at the history of several selected log items
ZBX-3493 Fixed warnings when removing and clearing a template
ZBX-4143 Fixed cases with upgrade patch sometimes attempting to reference tables that were not created yet
ZBX-3618 Extended allowed syntax for host interface DNS names
ZBX-3999 Fixed map border
ZBX-3946 Fixed errors when create trigger with dependencies
ZBX-3921 Fixed change link shown for maps in slide show
ZBX-4082 Fixed error in Monitoring->Triggers when acknowledges are disabled
ZBX-4080 Fixed host header info shown for creation form
ZBX-3987 Fixed errors when change host in Monitoring->Graphs
ZBX-4114 Fixed icon maps form height on dragging
ZBX-4101 Fixed excess borders in screen cell configuration form
ZBX-3786 Fixed incorrect inheritance of items when template is linked to another template linked to host
ZBX-1207 Fixed host full clone with custom graphs

Notas de instalación y actualización


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