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 +===== Application =====
 +==== Methods ====
 +Class containing methods for operations with Applications.
 +|[[api:​application:​get|get()]] |Get application details |
 +|[[api:​application:​exists|exists()]] |Check if application exists |
 +|[[api:​application:​create|create()]] |Create applications |
 +|[[api:​application:​update|update()]] |Update application details |
 +|[[api:​application:​delete|delete()]] |Delete applications |
 +==== Object details ====
 +The table contains complete list of Application attributes.
 +|applicationid|//​int//​|Application ID  | |
 +|hostid|//​int//​|Host ID | |
 +|name|//​string//​|Application description | |
 +|templateid|//​int//​|Parent application ID | |
 +==== Common tasks ====
 +The table contains list of common application-related tasks and possible implementation using Zabbix API
 +|Add an application | Use method **application.create** |
 +|Add a bunch of new applications | Use method **application.create** with array of Application objects |
 +|Rename an application | Use method **application.update**,​ set **"​name":​1"<​new name>"​** |
 +|Delete an application | Use method **application.delete** |
 +|Retrieve application details by Application IDs | Use method **application.get** with parameter **applicationids** |
 +|Retrieve applications details by Application name | Use method **application.get** with parameter **filter**, specify **"​name":​ ["<​your application1>",​ "<​your application2>"​]** |