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Line 20: Line 20:
 ==== Example ==== ==== Example ====
 Check if item with key "​vfs.file.cksum[c:​\config.sys]"​ exists for host "​Windows-Server"​ Check if item with key "​vfs.file.cksum[c:​\config.sys]"​ exists for host "​Windows-Server"​
-<​code>​+<​code ​java>
 { {
 "​jsonrpc":"​2.0",​ "​jsonrpc":"​2.0",​
Line 35: Line 35:
 Item exists: Item exists:
-<​code>​+<​code ​java>
 { {
 "​jsonrpc":"​2.0",​ "​jsonrpc":"​2.0",​