16 Maintenance mode for Zabbix GUI

Zabbix GUI can be temporarily disabled in order to prohibit access to the front-end. This can be useful for protection of Zabbix database from any changes initiated by users, thus protecting integrity of database.

Zabbix database can be stopped while Zabbix GUI is in the maintenance mode.

1 Goals

There are several goals of the maintenance mode:

  • Protect Zabbix database from any changes initiated by users
  • Perform database maintenance
  • Inform users about reason of the maintenance work
  • Users from a range of IP addresses will be able to work with the GUI during the maintenance mode normally
  • Automatic return to normal mode when maintenance is over
2009/08/13 17:32

2 Configuration

In order to enable maintenance mode, file conf/maintenance.conf.php must be modified to uncomment the following lines:

// Maintenance mode

// IP range, who allowed to connect to FrontEnd

// MSG showed on Warning screen!
$_REQUEST['warning_msg'] = 'Zabbix is under maintenance.';
ZBX_DENY_GUI_ACCESSEnable maintenance mode:
1 – maintenance mode is enabled, disabled otherwise
ZBX_GUI_ACCESS_IP_RANGEConnections from these IP addresses will be allowed with no maintenance mode.
For example:
warning_msgInformative message.
2009/08/13 17:34

3 How it looks like

The following screen will be displayed while in maintenance mode. The screen is refreshed every 30 seconds in order to return to normal state withiout user intervention when maintenance is over.

2009/08/13 17:35