Poznámky k vydání verze Zabbix 2.3.2

Zabbix tým s potěšením oznamuje dostupnost nové verze Zabbixu 2.3.2.

Zabbix je podnikové open source řešení pro distribuovaný monitoring. Zabbix je vydáván pod licencí GPL, takže je zdarma pro komerční i nekomerční použití. Úplný text licence je k dispozici na adrese http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Tento dokument obsahuje poznámky k verzi Zabbix 2.3.2. Stáhnout si ho můžete v sekci ke stažení.

Následující sekce podrobně popisují vydání a poskytují důležité nebo jiné informace, které doplňují hlavní dokumentaci.

Nové vlastnosti a vylepšení

ZBXNEXT-2301 Added a way to disable SNMP bulk operations per interface API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBX-2603 Added validation while working with regular expressions Frontend
ZBX-8278 Prepared frontend for mbstring.internal_encoding ini option deprecation in PHP 5.6+ Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2222 Added trigger status filter to the trigger overview page Frontend
ZBX-8339 Removed auto login/logout controls while editing guest user Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2203 Added information on the reason log[] and logrt[] items became not supported Agent
ZBXNEXT-2254 Added support for custom PostgreSQL schema to frontend and updated setup wizard Frontend
ZBX-8329 Added styling for disabled buttons and inputs Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2344 Added links on group names in "Web monitoring" widget Frontend
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBX-7399 Improved multiselect by adding popup select window Frontend
ZBX-8113 Changed frontend configuration wizard to store info in session instead of cookies Frontend

Oprava chyb

ZBX-7941 Changed page footer to show debug in fullscreen mode again Frontend
ZBX-8011 Fixed escalator giving false 'no media defined' errors Server
ZBX-8450 Removed carriage return stripping from text values when inserting data into the database Proxy Server
ZBX-8439 Fixed layout problems in host and template configuration, host inventory in Safari Frontend
ZBX-8443 Fixed host mass update form to be displayed correctly in Opera Frontend
ZBX-8437 Fixed JS errors after show/hide frontend filter Frontend
ZBX-8411 Fixed item selection by click-and-drag and element form hiding in sysmap configuration with IE8 Frontend
ZBX-8406 Fixed typos "overriden" to "overridden", "occurence" to "occurrance", changed "WEB" to "web" in translations and database patch files API Frontend Instalace
ZBX-8397 Removed outdated queue related code from frontend and API API Frontend
ZBX-8359 Changed servers timer processes title line to display amount of hosts that have changed maintenance status; active maintenance period count is no longer displayed Server
ZBX-8375 Fixed multiple issues in various forms: removed duplicate hidden fields, added missing field translations, added JS confirmation message encoding and fixed displaying submitted values on failure Frontend
ZBX-8240 Fixed multiselect input placeholder behaviour on IE8, input cursor issue and removed "clear field" button for multiselect in IE10+ Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1782 Fixed testing of trigger expressions that contain nested parentheses Frontend
ZBX-8270 Fixed disk space reporting for large AIX file systems (>= 16 TB) Agent
ZBX-8422 Removed PHP mutex locking from server code because of not being used and incompatible licensing issues Proxy Server
ZBX-8377 Fixed dark orange theme input fields being displayed light blue, submit button hover not displaying as disabled and made readonly and disabled input fields more readable on all browsers Frontend
ZBX-8332 Removed redundant screen import code from 1.8 importer API
ZBX-1215 Changed captions of items and periods to be autogenerated by default in barreports Frontend
ZBX-8378 Fixed bar graphs to automatically resize vertically thus preventing broken charts when captions are very long Frontend
ZBX-8380 Fixed disabled confirmation text label in "Administration/Scripts" for IE8 Frontend
ZBX-8370 Fixed misc. bugs in barreports (input validation, default captions, caption escaping) Frontend
ZBX-8382 Fixed trigger severity sound not stopping in user profile form on "Stop" button press Frontend
ZBX-8315 Fixed host interface import (from 1.8 and up) to correctly create new or reuse existing interfaces API
ZBX-8248 Fixed vfs.file.regexp, vfs.file.regmatch and web.page.regexp to handle carriage returns properly Agent
ZBX-7459 Fixed saving and editing of regular expression having trailing, leading, or repeating spaces Frontend
ZBX-1268 Fixed log trigger expression editor to show only usable sorting arrows Frontend
ZBX-8285 Fixed widget "History of events" and frontend messaging to use visible host names Frontend
ZBX-8151 Fixed XXE vulnerability on XML import using obsolete libxml versions; thanks to pnig0s@Freebuf for the report API Frontend
ZBX-8354 Removed period in caption for "Distribution of values for multiple periods" bar report Frontend
ZBX-8092 Fixed items being polled at the same time after host becomes enabled Proxy Server
ZBX-8324 Fixed there being too many expressions in a list in a SQL query Proxy Server
ZBX-8355 Changed confusing context for date format translations Frontend
ZBX-7921 Fixed default values for screen item colspan/rowspan to 1 in frontend and database Frontend Instalace
ZBX-8288 Fixed problems with vertical table headers sometimes being offset Frontend
ZBX-8213 Fixed possible crash when processing eventlog on Windows 2000,2003,XP Agent
ZBX-8040 Wait for proper SMTP response before sending first command Proxy Server
ZBX-8358 Fixed overview screen elements being displayed incorrectly after refreshing Frontend
ZBX-8196 Added validation for sorting parameters Frontend
ZBX-8334 Fixed selecting group prototypes in HostPrototype::get() using Oracle backend API Frontend
ZBX-8320 Corrected help item strings by removing double spaces in sentences and "IP" used in uppercase letters Frontend
ZBX-8061 Fixed VMware cluster functions returning notsupported despite clusters being discovered normally Proxy Server
ZBX-8348 Fixed processing of LLD triggers; function references in the trigger expression could be out of order Server
ZBX-8053 Changed label "Latest data" to "Monitoring" in host inventory view Frontend
ZBX-8333 Renamed screen item adding, updating and deleting messages Frontend
ZBX-8197 Fixed all data not being shown on a graph if the period is set to or more than 2 years Frontend
ZBX-8330 Fixed a bug with grouped buttons in discovery rules for SNMP checks Frontend
ZBX-8318 Added "d. m. Y" date format to recognized formats in frontend and set "Y-m-d H:i:s" as fallback Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2124 Fixed submap problem count calculation in Monitoring -> Maps when application filters are active Frontend
ZBX-8301 Restricted "unique" attribute to Zabbix agent & SNMP checks in discovery rule creation Frontend
ZBX-8095 Fixed a bug in item queue that updated item's nextcheck but not its position in the queue Proxy Server
ZBX-8343 Fixed a bug in binary heap that could cause a slightly inconsistent ordering of elements in the queue Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-8325 Fixed a crash with Oracle when inserting a large number of records Proxy Server
ZBX-8336 Fixed server crash when value cache is working in low memory mode Server
ZBX-8327 Fixed possible crash when processing Windows eventlog Agent
ZBX-8306 Added Percona database support when compiling with --with-mysql configuration option Instalace
ZBX-8287 Added truncating of long text values to maximum field length before inserting them into database Proxy Server
ZBX-3163 Fixed trigger evaluation order so that it takes dependencies into account Server
ZBX-7373 Improved performance of latest data and item overview pages by taking data for a limited period only API Frontend
ZBX-8200 Improved performance of Monitoring -> Events page Frontend
ZBX-7536 Changed popups to display host visible name instead of hostname Frontend
ZBX-8292 Fixed host prototype creation Frontend
ZBX-8092 Changed the way the number of active triggers is calculated in the dashboard and zabbix[triggers] item Frontend Server
ZBX-8092 Added disabled triggers to the configuration cache for correct macro expansion in notifications Server
ZBX-7901 Improved value cache database operations when caching count based requests Server
ZBX-8172 Fixed null JSON value decoding Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-8188 Fixed IPMI items staying supported when sensor data becomes unavailable Proxy Server
ZBX-8216 Fixed screen import error Frontend
ZBX-8245 Fixed repeating of actions while sorting / paging Frontend
ZBX-5567 Removed parameter "not_proxy_hosts" from hostgroup.get API method and frontend code API Frontend
ZBX-8271 Fixed importing of maps with LLD discovered hosts Frontend

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