Poznámky k vydání verze Zabbix 6.2.0rc2

Zabbix tým s potěšením oznamuje dostupnost nové verze Zabbixu 6.2.0rc2.

Zabbix je podnikové open source řešení pro distribuovaný monitoring. Zabbix je vydáván pod licencí GPL, takže je zdarma pro komerční i nekomerční použití. Úplný text licence je k dispozici na adrese http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Tento dokument obsahuje poznámky k verzi Zabbix 6.2.0rc2. Stáhnout si ho můžete v sekci ke stažení.

Následující sekce podrobně popisují vydání a poskytují důležité nebo jiné informace, které doplňují hlavní dokumentaci.

Nové vlastnosti a vylepšení

ZBXNEXT-7813 Updated MariaDB maximum supported version to 10.7 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7722 Fixed runtime errors when using Zabbix with PHP 8.1 Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7769 Added support of PHP 8.1 to LDAP authentication Frontend
ZBXNEXT-6940 Added support for stacked bar and stacked staircase graphs Frontend
ZBXNEXT-721 Added temporary suppress problem functionality Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-7591 Added possibility to add custom tags to hosts created from host prototypes API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-6940 Added new features in graph widget: dataset with item list; stacked graphs type; show simple triggers and working time; last known for missing data; percentile lines; configurable approximation; better legend; clone data set API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7554 Added incremental configuration sync for hosts, host tags, items, item tags, item preprocessing, triggers, trigger tags, functions API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7596 Updated templates and templates.tmpl for 6.2 version (template_groups and host_groups properties) Instalace Šablony
ZBXNEXT-5517 Added ability to modify macros of hosts created from host prototypes API Frontend Server
ZBXNEXT-7669 Implemented new design for Global view dashboard Instalace
ZBXNEXT-6891 Removed MongoDB implementation, updated template to work with new plugin Agent Šablony
ZBXNEXT-2592 Split host groups functionality into host groups and template groups API Frontend Instalace Server
ZBXNEXT-7632 Added template for HPE Primera Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7567 Implemented saving the state of the default filters in monitoring sections Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7630 Added templates for HPE MSA 2060 and MSA 2040 Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7732 Added metrics for Windows Registry monitoring Frontend Agent
ZBXNEXT-2578 Added support for vmware.rp.cpu.usage and vmware.rp.memory Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2837 Allowed {INVENTORY.*} macros for script type item and manual scripts Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-6893 Implemented audit log filtering by multiple actions Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7553 Added user macro cache Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7453 Added templates HashiCorp Consul by HTTP Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7494 Removed deprecated CurlHttpRequest Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7693 Replaced filename-length-max=99 option with tar-pax in configure.ac Instalace
ZBXNEXT-7029 Added support of vmware.dvswitch.discovery and vmware.dvswitch.fetchports.get Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5088 Added active check availability icon API Frontend Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5341 Added new VMware item vmware.vm.attribute Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2302 Added new VMware keys *.hv.connectionstate *.hv.hw.serialnumber *.hv.net.if.discovery *.hv.network.linkspeed *.hv.hw.sensors.get *.vm.state *.vm.tools and other improvements Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-5771 Added digital clock feature to the clock widget Frontend
ZBX-20946 Enabled German and Vietnamese languages in the frontend Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7461 Implemented expandable subfilters at the Latest data page; fixed clickable tags Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7604 Modified functionality to ignore NaN in Prometheus preprocessing aggregate functions Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2591 Added resource pool path to vmware.vm.discovery Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2043 Added support for collecting vmware snapshot information and new items vmware.vm.snapshot.get and vmware.vm.consolidationneeded Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2012 Added additional NIC counters for VMware monitoring Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7607 Added template Envoy Proxy by HTTP Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7476 Disabled PHP 8 strict type validation API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2289 Implemented multiple LDAP sources for user authentication API Frontend Instalace
ZBXNEXT-7526 Added number of items for Latest data column in Monitoring -> Hosts page Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7491 Fixed PHP 8.1 runtime warnings with PostgreSQL backend API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7547 Added CockroachDB template Šablony
ZBXNEXT-4768 Improved usability of "Execute now" API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-3692 Refactored inline scripts for HTML onClick events to avoid potential XSS threats Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1711 Implemented OS processes discovery with new item proc.get Agent
ZBXNEXT-7615 Added hmac function for JavaScript Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7611 Fixed silenced errors not silenced in zbx_err_handler running PHP 8 Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7610 Refactored in PHP 8 deprecated function strtime() Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7506 Fixed uuids in proxmox template Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7562 Added en_GB locale Frontend Instalace Server
ZBXNEXT-7523 Added possibility to add custom templates to hosts created from host prototypes API Frontend Instalace Server
ZBXNEXT-7627 Set minimal supported PHP version to 7.4 Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1580 Implemented centralized refreshing of proxy configuration API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-388 Added checking of new items and LLD rules within 60 seconds after creation Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7120 Added support of OpenSSL 3.0 Agent Proxy Server
Added support for CyberArk Vault API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7452 Added SNI support to TLS protocol for Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBXNEXT-7065 Added queries metrics to PostgreSQL by Zabbix agent 2 template Agent Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7023 Updated regular expressions for services discovery in Windows templates Šablony
ZBXNEXT-7498 Moved internal item processing from history to regular pollers Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-7420 Added documentation links to Zabbix frontend sections Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7397 Removed support for MD5 user passwords Frontend Instalace
ZBXNEXT-7488 Removed zabbix[history*] and zabbix[trends*] internal items Server
ZBXNEXT-7138 Added modal form for API tokens in User settings->API tokens and Administration->General->API tokens Frontend

Oprava chyb

ZBX-21066 Fixed libopenssl.m4 when dealing with lib/64 in openssl 3 Instalace
ZBX-20105 Removed bogus dependency on libxml2 from agent Agent Instalace Proxy Server
ZBX-20750 Fixed excessive escaping of special characters in audit log details, triggers and graphs Server
ZBX-20994 Fixed access limitation for Oracle DB to list tables accessible to the user Frontend Server
ZBX-21145 Changed host, item and trigger tag merging logic during template linking and LLD to reduce database updates Server
ZBX-21064 Rewrote pcre.m4 and pcre2.m4 file Instalace
ZBX-21185 Fixed pattern selector when item name contains square brackets Frontend
ZBX-21190 Fixed templated host prototype macros tab being editable Frontend
ZBX-20914 Fixed wrong calculation of calculated item formulas Server
ZBX-20565 Fixed visibility of placeholder text in host prototype edit form Frontend
ZBX-20875 Fixed filter condition for job discovery rule in MSSQL by ODBC template Šablony
ZBX-21146 Fixed item key in NTP service template Šablony
ZBX-21137 Fixed VMware collector crash related to datastore state disconnected from all HVs Proxy Server
ZBX-20985 Fixed notifications summary for MS Teams media type Šablony
ZBX-20628 Removed system metrics from PFSense template Šablony
ZBX-21136 Fixed value type for checksum of /etc/passwd item in FreeBSD template Šablony
ZBX-20903 Removed duplicate in Windows services discovery filter regexp Šablony
ZBX-18652 Fixed data overview discrepancy between host location top and left Frontend
ZBX-21111 Fixed HA manager stopping Server
ZBX-21306 Fixed xss in discovery rules Frontend
ZBX-21305 Fixed xss in graph Frontend
ZBX-20859 Fixed incorrectly exported host groups in map elements API
ZBX-20613 Returned the ability to edit the dependencies of inherited triggers; improved validation upon unlinking templates with triggers that have dependencies; improved performance of trigger dependency functionality; prevented the ability to fully replace trigger dependencies of inherited triggers if the new dependency was added to parent trigger; supplemented validation of trigger dependencies on templates to prevent linkage dead-ends; dropped support of trigger.addDependencies and trigger.deleteDependencies API methods API Frontend Instalace
ZBX-20814 Fixed Map->Sharing user group shares table not showing saved user groups Frontend
ZBX-20898 Fixed duplicated UUID in the official template Šablony
ZBX-20911 Added process state check in PROC_NUM() for Oracle Solaris Agent
ZBX-20752 Fixed saved properties of classic graphs being lost when reopening graph configuration Frontend
ZBX-21073 Added support of Int8Array(), Buffer() and also duktape plain buffers in md5, sha256 and hmac function parameters Proxy Server
ZBX-19381 Fixed resolving of macros in item key parameters when testing items in web interface Frontend
ZBX-21074 Fixed active check availability status update on Oracle Server
ZBX-20950 Updated regular expressions for services discovery in Windows templates and fixed new active agent check Šablony
ZBX-18520 Fixed showing of fields that do not belong to selected item type in item edit form Frontend
ZBX-20684 Fixed item value widget not showing trailing zeros Frontend
ZBX-20600 Fixed vmware hv.datastore.latency item when multiple datastores with duplicate name Proxy Server
ZBX-20861 Fixed incorrect naming of web scenario items after upgrade Instalace
ZBX-20823 Fixed inability to update hosts that were created by LLD on aarch64 Server
ZBX-20945 Fixed broken trigger link in trigger mass update => dependencies Frontend
ZBX-20886 Fixed handle leak on Zabbix agent 2 in vfs.fs.get Agent
ZBX-20356 Fixed perfomance counters not working when removed and added again on Zabbix agent 2 Agent
ZBX-21008 Fixed broken popup for SLA selection for User role Frontend
ZBX-20380 Fixed maintenance highlighting having priority over problem severity highlighting for map elements of map, host group and trigger types Frontend
ZBX-20982 Fixed API request by coordinates in the OpenWeatherMap template Šablony
ZBX-20918 Moved final history/trends cache sync in main process to be done before stopping HA Server
ZBX-20548 Fixed broken host link not opening in the Inventory Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7523 Removed unnecessary field validation for "link_type" in template.get "selectParentTemplates" option API
ZBX-20773 Added documentation link for host create view in standalone mode Frontend
ZBX-20953 Fixed errors when changing status of a single host in list Frontend
ZBX-20947 Fixed hosts not being exported into file Frontend
ZBX-20951 Fixed dependent item discovery validation in LLD Server
ZBX-20783 Fixed Zabbix agent2 not to fail when global regular expression is received with empty delimiter API Agent
ZBX-20299 Fixed not detecting user macros by "Test item" dialog if they are used in the calculated item formula Frontend
ZBXNEXT-7616 Fixed JavaScript md5 and sha256 functions to support binary data (including terminating zero character) Proxy Server

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