Poznámky k vydání verze Zabbix 3.0.0alpha4

Zabbix tým s potěšením oznamuje dostupnost nové verze Zabbixu 3.0.0alpha4.

Zabbix je podnikové open source řešení pro distribuovaný monitoring. Zabbix je vydáván pod licencí GPL, takže je zdarma pro komerční i nekomerční použití. Úplný text licence je k dispozici na adrese http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Tento dokument obsahuje poznámky k verzi Zabbix 3.0.0alpha4. Stáhnout si ho můžete v sekci ke stažení.

Následující sekce podrobně popisují vydání a poskytují důležité nebo jiné informace, které doplňují hlavní dokumentaci.

Nové vlastnosti a vylepšení

ZBX-9985 Fixed template search results Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1762 Added years, months and half of months periods displaying on graphs X axis Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Implemented value map import/export API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added checkbox column in value map list view and bulk "Delete" button Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added "Used in items" column in value map list view and green text "Yes" if value map is used in items or item prototypes Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added value map sorting by name Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Added limit for the amount of records and paging in value maps Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1679 Replaced built-in confirmation dialog with modal window dialog for image import when selecting "Update existing" Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2683 Added user macro context API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBX-2616 Updated bundled DejaVu font from 2.34 to 2.35 Frontend
ZBX-9935 Added check for item delay, to be between 0 and 86400 seconds API
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Slovak translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2678 Implemented trigger description and URL popups in the dashboard's "Last 20 issues" and screen element's "Host group issues" and "Host issues" Frontend
ZBX-2517 Changed minimum period for time navigator to 1 minute; thanks to Zabbix community Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1424 Implemented value mapping API, added clone button in value map edit form and slightly improved performance of value map caching in frontend API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2960 Reduced the default MaxLinesPerSecond value to 20 Agent
ZBXNEXT-1263 Added encryption support for communications between Zabbix components API Frontend Agent Instalace Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2662 Implemented on-click navigation for sub menus Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2844 Added multiple escalator support Server
ZBXNEXT-2988 Reduced the number of poller configuration cache locks by 1/3 Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2163 Implemented argument support for script media type API Frontend Instalace Server
ZBXNEXT-2128 Implemented execution of an item at a specific time API Frontend Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-922 Added forecasting trigger functions Frontend Server
ZBX-1357 Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Italian, Japanese and Russian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2056 Added an HTTP response code value map Instalace
ZBX-9274 Added printing defaults when Zabbix programs are executed with --help option Agent Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-2662 Added a new predefined period (3 days) for the timeline Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2581 Added returning of permissions for usergroup.get API
ZBX-8820 Improved bulk acknowledge of events Frontend
ZBXNEXT-210 Changed macro type labels in template configuration form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1241 Added host inventory mode setting for new and discovered hosts API Frontend Instalace Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-494 Added support for proc.cpu.util key on Linux and Solaris platforms Agent
ZBX-1357 Updated Czech and Japanese translations; thanks to Zabbix translators API Frontend

Oprava chyb

ZBX-2966 Fixed handling of possible negative value of vfs.fs.size check Agent
ZBX-9977 Fixed inconsistent display of acknowledge-related elements when acknowledgement is disabled in configuration Frontend
ZBX-9964 Fixed undefined index "inventory_mode" in host prototype edit form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-1762 Fixed time interval calculation and displaying issues in line graphs Frontend
ZBX-9949 Fixed undefined index in proxy edit form Frontend
ZBX-6028 Improved log rotation so that zabbix components do not keep writing to the old log file Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-8235 Fixed losing initial values when updating templated items API
ZBX-9888 Added validation in action condition formula to prohibit comparison of several triggers with "AND" operator API Frontend
ZBX-9975 Fixed undefined index when updating trigger prototype API
ZBX-9959 Fixed JSON validation: produce an error on invalid escape sequences in a string value Server
ZBX-7202 Fixed action disabling when deleting user or user group API Frontend
ZBX-9970 Removed service label from configuration popup menu Frontend
ZBX-9945 Fixed updating of "Device uniqueness criterias" while editing discovery checks Frontend
ZBX-9967 Fixed agent compilation error on NetBSD 7 Agent
ZBX-9347 Added information about zabbix_sender input file format to the man page Documentation
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed debug messages in the dashboard widgets Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed year and month vertical alignment in calendar Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of month and year in calendar popup Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed script execution window layout Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of modal dialogs Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed top nav jumping icon bug on page zoom in Safari Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed resizing of multiselect items in filters Frontend
ZBX-9941 Fixed button attributes changes for map cloning Frontend
ZBX-7006 Implemented trend cache cleanup procedure which forces hourly flush of deleted, disabled or rarely updated item trends Server
ZBX-9889 Fixed vmware.eventlog item values to have unique timestamps in history table Server
ZBX-9919 Fixed y scale calculation for linear graphs Frontend
ZBX-9898 Improved database exception messages Frontend
ZBX-9900 Marked first parameter for proc_info item as mandatory Frontend
ZBX-9902 Fixed undefined variables "mediatype" and "users" in mediatype properties Frontend
ZBX-9864 Fixed compilation warnings regarding SIZE_T_MAX under NetBSD Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9862 Added meta tag "msapplication-config" to prevent MSIE11 requesting browserconfig.xml Frontend
ZBX-9340 Fixed "data" property not being returned by API when error is generated on DB level API
ZBX-9866 Fixed error field being needlessly copied for LLD rule when full cloning a host API
ZBX-9883 Fixed host assignment for proxy Frontend
ZBX-9863 Fixed compilation warning regarding "empty_str" initialization in setproctitle.c Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9912 Fixed ITEM.LASTVALUE macro value being truncated at bytes rather than utf-8 characters Server
ZBX-7511 Removed trimming of leading and trailing spaces in SNMP strings Server
ZBX-8899 Fixed retrieval of sensor readings on Linux 2.6 and higher Agent
ZBX-9917 Fixed log message when opening windows eventlog Agent
ZBX-9855 Fixed SNMP dynamic index cache refresh when SNMP OID changes Proxy Server
ZBX-8820 Fixed trimming of new acknowledge messages Frontend
ZBX-9740 Improved proc.num for protected Windows processes Agent
ZBX-9793 Fixed handling of opaque types in SNMP Proxy Server
ZBX-9847 Fixed possible Zabbix agent crash when executing system.cpu.discovery Agent
ZBX-9895 Fixed memory leak in case of unsupported field type while processing configuration received over proxy protocol Proxy Server
ZBX-9776 Added check for line length when parsing configuration file Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9796 Fixed item key vfs.fs.size operation for NetBSD Agent
ZBXNEXT-494 Fixed proc.cpu.util help item description Agent
ZBX-9858 Added error message logging when SNMP trapper file size exceeds 2GB Server
ZBX-9666 Fixed invalid SNMP dynamic index cache if 2 SNMP agents have the same IP, port and OID Proxy Server
ZBXNEXT-1078 Removed 'proc.mem[]' 5-th parameter (memtype) value 'dvm' on AIX Agent
ZBX-9807 Fixed undefined offset errors in configuration export when processing triggers that have items with discovered applications API
ZBX-9810 Fixed trigger prototype expression inheritance incorrectly assigning an invalid expression to child objects and trigger expression test popup displaying a missing class API Frontend
ZBX-7847 Added functionality that stops polling inactive IPMI hosts Proxy Server
ZBX-9430 Fixed Windows eventlog item incorrectly interpreting 0x00000103 return value as an error Agent
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed a map element editing form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed possibility to change the colours of trigger severities Frontend Instalace
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed layout of checkboxes with labels Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed layout of host inventory form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed media editing in user form Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed saving of collapsible widgets in "Event detais" and "Global search" pages Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of vertical headers under IE10, IE11 and Edge Frontend
ZBXNEXT-2662 Fixed displaying of eventlog severities Frontend
ZBX-9655 Fixed crash if MYSQL connection object initialization failed Proxy Server
ZBX-9667 Fixed disabled triggers or triggers having disabled hosts or items affecting trigger dependency calculations Server
ZBX-9738 Fixed deletion of related action operations when deleting a host group API
ZBX-9625 Fixed interface list bug in host form Frontend
ZBX-9804 Fixed monitoring graph scroller and calendar Frontend
ZBX-9607 Fixed step form in web scenario Frontend
ZBX-9791 Fixed typo in maps.inc.php Frontend
ZBX-9668 Improved handling of VMware performance counter instances without data Proxy Server
ZBX-9677 Fixed compilation warnings in the escalator.c module Server
ZBX-9682 Fixed parsing of numeric item key parameters Agent Proxy Server
ZBX-9516 Fixed displaying of the "Go" button after deleting applications Frontend
ZBX-9639 Fixed chart width validation Frontend
ZBX-9729 Fixed replacement of {MACRO<1-9>} with {MACRO} where only {MACRO} is acceptable Server
ZBX-9809 Fixed action operation validation Frontend
ZBX-9814 Fixed function prototype declaration created in ZBXNEXT-2760 Server
ZBX-9716 Fixed possible event record number wraparound issues in the old Windows Eventing support Agent
ZBX-9258 Fixed Alias for log[], logrt[] and eventlog[] Agent

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