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18 Zabbix 6.0.13の新機能

Breaking changes

Loadable plugin versioning

Loadable plugins for Zabbix agent 2 now use the same versioning system as Zabbix itself. The following version changes have been made:

  • MongoDB 1.2.0 -> MongoDB 6.0.13
  • PostgreSQL 1.2.1 -> PostgreSQL 6.0.13

These plugins are supported for any minor version of Zabbix 6.0. Note that source code repository for each plugin now contains a dedicated release/6.0 branch (previously, there was only master branch).

MariaDB 10.10のサポート

現在サポートされているMariaDB の最大バージョンは、10.10.Xです。

Configuration import

Previously, the import process would fail on a UUID mismatch of an importable entity (host group, item, graph, etc). For example, it was not possible to import a host group if a host group with the same name already existed on the host.

In the new version the import will not fail because of a UUID mismatch; instead the entity will be matched by the uniquenes criteria such as entity ID (name). The entity will be imported, and the UUID will be updated to the UUID of the imported entity.

In another improvement, when removing template linkage (the Delete missing option for template linkage) through the imported template or host, the inherited entities of the unlinked template are no longer removed (template gets unlinked, not unlinked and cleared), unless these entities are missing in the import file and the Delete missing option for the specific entity is marked.

Due to this change, the warning message when marking the Delete missing option for template linkage will no longer be displayed.

Query separate tablespaces in Oracle databases with Zabbix agent 2

The following Zabbix agent 2 items, supported for the Oracle plugin, now have additional optional parameters:

  • oracle.diskgroups.stats[<existingParameters>,<diskgroup>]
  • oracle.ts.stats[<existingParameters>,<tablespace>,<type>]

These parameters allow to query separate instances of data instead of all data, thus improving performance.


docker.container_info[] Zabbixエージェント2のアイテムは、Dockerコンテナに関する部分的(短い)または完全な低レベルの情報を取得するオプションをサポートするようになりました。



  • prof_enable - プロファイリングを有効化
  • prof_disable - プロファイリングを無効化





  • hmac('<hash type>',key,string)

これは、リクエストの署名にハッシュベースのメッセージ認証コード(HMAC)が必要な場合に役立ちます。 MD5およびSHA256ハッシュタイプがサポートされています。例:

  • hmac('md5',key,string)
  • hmac('sha256',key,string)



  • AWS EC2 by HTTP
  • AWS by HTTP
  • AWS RDS instance by HTTP
  • AWS S3 bucket by HTTP



  • 新規インストールの場合は 設定テンプレート で利用可能です。
  • 以前のバージョンからアップグレードする場合、新しいテンプレートをZabbixGitリポジトリからダウンロードすることができます。 または、ダウンロードした最新バージョンの templates ディレクトリにあります。 その後、設定テンプレート で、手動でZabbixにインポートすることができます。

The template Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 has been updated (multiple static items removed; multiple item prototypes added) according to the changes made to multiple Zabbix agent 2 items.

For more information about the updates, see Template changes.

You can get these templates:

  • In ConfigurationTemplates in new installations;
  • If you are upgrading from previous versions, you can download new templates from Zabbix Git repository or find them in the templates directory of the downloaded latest Zabbix version. Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates, you can import them manually into Zabbix.

TimescaleDB 2.9のサポート


Webhook integrations

A new media type LINE is now available allowing to use the webhook feature for sending notifications about Zabbix events to LINE messenger.



Golang library for Windows updated

Golang library used by Zabbix agent 2 in conjunction with MongoDB or PostgreSQL plugins to monitor Windows now is, version 0.6.0 (previously See also Golang libraries, MongoDB plugin dependencies, and PostgreSQL plugin dependencies.

Open file descriptor limit increase for Zabbix agent 2

The systemd service file shipped in Zabbix agent 2 packages now declares the open file descriptor limit of 8196. Previously, the system default limit of 1024 has been used. The new limit is sufficient for the default Zabbix agent 2 configuration. If you have a non-standard agent 2 configuration, for example, use additional plugins or extended features, this limit may need to be manually increased further. In this case, adjust the LimitNOFILE parameter in the systemd unit file.