#10 Inclusie


Extra bestanden of mappen kunnen worden opgenomen in server/proxy/agent configuratie met behulp van de parameter 'Include'.

Info in verband met Inclusie

If you're using the Include parameter to include files in your Zabbix agent 2 configuration, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Including a File: - When you use the Include parameter to include a specific file, that file must be readable.

Including a Directory: - If you use the Include parameter to include an entire directory, all files in that directory must be readable. - There's no guaranteed order of inclusion for files in the directory. For instance, files won't necessarily be included in alphabetical order. - All files in the directory will be included into the configuration. - Be cautious of backup copies of files that some text editors automatically create. For example, if you have a file named include/my_specific.conf and your text editor creates a backup copy named include/my_specific_conf.BAK, both files will be included. Make sure to move such backup copies out of the "Include" directory. On Linux, you can use the ls -al command to check the contents of the "Include" directory for unnecessary files.

Including Files Using a Pattern: - When using the Include parameter with a pattern to include multiple files, all files that match the pattern must be readable. - Similar to including a directory, there's no guaranteed order of inclusion for files that match the pattern. - Just like before, be careful not to define the same parameter in multiple Include files, as it could lead to confusion when settings conflict.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively manage the inclusion of files in your Zabbix agent 2 configuration and ensure that the included files are readable and correctly interpreted.